Top Tech Challenge

RVIA is looking for the top RV Service Techs in the country to compete in the winner take all 2017 RVIA Top Tech Challenge, held during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, November 27–30. Eight competitors will start the competition and attempt to be the fastest to diagnose a service issue, live in front of a cheering crowd! The first round will feature eight competitors, the top four will make it to round two, with the final two competitors competing in the Championship Round. 

In addition to being named the Top Tech, the winner of the Top Tech Challenge will split a $10,000 Grand Prize with their dealership along with the Top Tech Challenge trophy! The dealership will also receive marketing materials allowing them to promote their business as featuring the Top Tech Challenge Champion.

Round One and Event Kick Off: Monday, November 27 (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
Round Two: Wednesday, November 29 (5:00 pm – 6:30 pm)
Championship Round: Thursday, November 30 (10:30 am)

Kentucky Expo Center Pavilion


  • Entries close: August 25, 2017
  • Final eight selections will be notified: September 5, 2017
  • One application per dealership location.
  • Techs must certify that they are currently employed as an RV Certified Technician and have a minimum of five years of experience.
  • If selected, competitors must provide their own transportation and hotel accommodations.
  • A Top Tech Challenge shirt will be provided and must be worn during the competition.

Signup below for a chance to compete:

References will be contacted to check customer service skills, level of technical skill and years of experience. References may include current or former supervisors, customers, or dealer principles:

1st Reference

2nd Reference

3rd Reference

Agreement & Release

In consideration of the opportunity to participate in “RVIA’s Top Tech Challenge” (“Challenge”) and be eligible for awards offered to participants, on behalf of myself, my personal representatives and heirs:

  1.  I acknowledge that I am not an employee of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Inc. (“RVIA”).
  2. I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed a copy of the Challenge Rules. I understand that RVIA reserves the right in its sole judgment to limit participation or remove from the Challenge entirely any entrant whose presence may disrupt the Challenge or endanger the health or safety of others.
  3. I hereby agree to release, acquit and forever discharge RVIA and its officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, members, agents, employees, volunteer staff, successors, and assigns from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, debts, and liability that may arise directly or indirectly, now or in the future, by reason of any injury, damage, loss, or expense incurred in connection with the operation of the Challenge and/or my attendance or participation in any aspect of the Challenge. I waive any and all claims or causes of action which I may now or hereafter have against RVIA that may arise as a result of my attendance or participation in the Challenge.
  4. I hereby grant RVIA and its designated agencies exclusive rights to use my name, image, likeness, pictures, video, audio, relevant biographical information and any other information or documentation that I provide, or that is subsequently taken or recorded under RVIA’s direction, in publicity and advertising activities. I further agree to make myself available for publicity enterprises arranged by RVIA, with newspaper/magazine/media writers and radio and television personnel.
  5. I agree to be bound by all orders, rules and regulations governing the Challenge while attending or participating in said competition.


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