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NEW in 2017! National RV Trade Show attendees can stop by the PowerTalk Patio to gain fascinating new perspectives on the RV industry while taking a break from walking the Exhibit Halls. Grab a seat on a bench, bean bag or ottoman, listen in for about 20 minutes and then stick around to discuss the topic over a game of Jenga or corn hole with colleagues!

Looking at the forces driving consumer preferences, Phil Hague will share perspective on how RVs in 5 or 10 years can appeal to new users in new places. Competition for RV dollars might come from surprising sources. Key trends will serve as the basis for this interactive discussion, so come with your own ideas to add to the mix.
Millennials now account for 38 percent of the 75 million active camper households in the U.S. (up from 34 percent in 2016) and, according to the 2017 North American Camping Report, 51 percent say they plan to increase their camping this year. It is no surprise then that this vibrant and diverse segment is driving growth in RV sales, park visits and camping gear and accessories. This lively session will highlight the trends fueling this explosive growth and offer ways you can tap into this millennial mindset.
As the booming RV industry continues to grow, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Where will they camp?” This panel discussion between the RV industry and public/private partners touches on campground modernization and expansion, the next generation of RVer, various state and federal initiatives, industry trends, and more!
Join Paul Troiano for a lively discussion of what the new family hiatus looks like: 13,000 miles, 30 states, countless highways, RV parks, campgrounds and public land hideouts—all in a Class A with his wife, 3-month-old and dog.
Learn all about selling on Amazon—the good, the bad and the in-between—from a guy who has been helping companies to sell on Amazon for years. Presented by Tom Wallace, Principal & Technology Director, Crewest Studio
When policies that will affect the RV industry are being debated at the federal, state, and local level, you can make a difference. Come find out the easiest and most effective ways to make your voice heard.
With the growing trend of DIY Camper Vans, millennials are buying up every new, used, and barely moving vehicle that their saving accounts will allow, in hopes of creating their dream house on wheels. How does the booming RV industry stay relevant with a generation of recent college graduates that have no interest in taking out another loan? More importantly, how do you sell to a group that would rather spend the little money they have saved, on a vintage vehicle or a DIY project? Join us for an interactive discussion with Marsha Hovey, an active member of the #Vanlife community, and learn what drives this untapped market.
In a social media driven world averse to advertising, this session, presented by Scott Power, will share why and how culture is the key to meaningful and memorable engagement with Millennials.
How many of you really know what matters most to women wanting to buy an RV? Actress Jennie Garth has spent her life RVing and will share her tips, tricks and advice on what you can do to close the deal with women of any age.


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